THERMODET® Surfaces and surface textures

Our products are available in a wide range of embossing and surface finishing.

Besides a smooth surface THERMODET® composite sheets are also available with design oriented and
as well technical surface embossings.

If you have any questions about possible product combinations or if you require further information, please feel free to contact our sales team. They will also be happy to send you a collection of embossing samples or small samples. Below you will find an overview of our available embossing patterns with pictures for initial orientation.

G04 (Leather Modern - marked)

G05 (Leather Modern - fine)

G07 (Pinseal)

G09 (Sand dune)

G10 (Leather Retro - marked)

G11 (Mahogany grain)

G13 (Textile - fine)

G14 (Textile - medium)

G15 (Textile - marked)

G16 (Leather retro - fine)

G17 (Sandstone)

G22 (Textile - woven)

The sheet design is rounded off by a high-gloss to super-matt surface finish according to your wish.

You haven't found your suitable design yet? Let us talk about your ideas! Under certain conditions, we also offer new developments or cooperation.



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